Looking East

I posted a video compilation of the views to the west showing the Chiricahua Mountains taken over time and now the reciprocal video, the views east over the Peloncillo Mountains.  Taken from the narrowest part of the San Simon Valley, about 9-10 miles wide and from the Painted Pony Resort, this video shows how the landscape and mountains of southern New Mexico are always in motion, always changing, always presenting something new to see with each glance.  The idea of landscapes in motion is not new.  Time lapse photography allows the compression of hours into minutes and the time scale can easily vary.  This compilation of images spans about 5 years and is by no means complete, but is representative of some of the scenes collected over time. Many are sunrise views taken throughout the year but some sunset and day time scenes are also included (especially if the clouds were interesting).  Another observation of how the landscape is always in flux for those willing to pay attention to their surroundings.


  1. beautiful! The background in the music reminded me of wind which we had up till this week. Brrrr

  2. Thanks Pat. I did include some snow pictures but for the most part you can look at it and remember being warm.

    1. I don't mind LOOKING at snow. I don't want to SHOVEL it!

  3. Good one Pat and I completely agree, but I might add that water in its' solid form (snow) should only be viewed from a distance, like up in the Chiricahus while viewed from the warmth of the valley.