The Internet of Things Continues to Grow

First it was the new washer and dryer that were part of the "internet of things", but now the thermostats are included.  The touch screen thermostats at the Painted Pony Resort were a source of frustration at times for guests.  The screens on 2 units were the recipients of that frustration and were no longer working consistently.  I would periodically have to remove and reset the units after guests left to reset them and keep them functioning.  So the owner decided on a thermostat that was easier to understand and manipulate but with an added twist, an internet connection.  These new Honeywell thermostats have access to the router and modem and communicate with with Honeywell allowing remote (internet) control of the thermostats allowing the owner to monitor temperatures on the estate from his office back east.  The nicest aspect to these thermostats is the ability to set minimum and maximum temps that may be used.  This prevents very low or very high temps being set and left on by accident.


  1. Yes he is, his background is in the high tech market.