Portal Rodeo Hiking Club in the Peloncillo Mountains

Just got back from the weekly hike. This weeks hike with the Portal Rodeo Hiking Club was up Mouser Canyon from behind Rodeo, New Mexico. It started on private land (parking with the permission of the landowner) but moves onto BLM and Forest Service land up the canyon. Below is a 360 panorama made from the top of the saddle. Views across the bootheel past the Animas and Big Hatchet Mountains are possible to the east and the Chiricahua Mountains visible to the west.


  1. This is very nice the way you presented these photographs.

  2. Thank you. I like to get a panorama photograph made from the highest elevation I reach on each hike. I think it helps give viewers a better perspective of the landscape here in the bootheel.

  3. I am doing research on some buildings on the west side of Highway 81, just south of County Road CO11. Are you familiar with the buildings and, if so, do you know anything about them? I will making a site visit soon, but am trying to find out when they were built and anything else I can about who may have lived there. Thanks for your guidance! Amy