Horseshoe Canyon Redux

Another trip into Horseshoe Canyon with the Portal Rodeo Hiking Club.  The group drove up the canyon to the second gate to begin the hike.  As opposed to the hike several months ago which was open grasslands, this hike stayed in narrower parts of the canyon.  Stopping first at a shelter cave on the hillside where evidence of occupation (faded pictographs, chipping and flaking) this shelter cave has see use into historic times with use by ranch hands, migrant workers, and timber thieves.  Continuing up the canyon along the road we came to the old Ronsh Ranch (pronounced Raush).  This old homestead sits slightly above the bottom of the canyon and all that remains is the old chimney.  Further up the canyon a trail to the south leads up Blevins Draw and tops out at Jack Wood Pass where the group stopped for lunch before returning. Fresh bear tracks were found in Blevins Draw, one headed down canyon and about 3 feet away one headed up canyon.  It was suggested the bear was headed down canyon, heard the hiking group and turned around.  The hike covered 8.75 miles with 800' of elevation gain along the route.

The map is in the sidebar or may be found at the following link.

Google Earth map of hiking route

Bedrock mortar at the shelter cave

Fresh bear track
View up Horseshoe Canyon from above the Ronsh Ranch.


  1. What a great way for you to spend a beautiful day, I bet it was windy in the Canyon.

  2. No, it was quite nice, and a cool breeze at Jack Wood Pass.