The 1919 Hike

Last week's hike with the Portal Rodeo Hiking Club resulted in another hiking map of the Chiricahua Mountains.  But with access to the 1919 topographic map of the Chiricahua Mountains and out of curiosity the data was placed on the old topographic map for comparison.  While Rustler Park is on the 1919 map, Methodist Camp and many other named features are absent.  Most importantly FS42 did not exist at that time and the hike, if done in 1919, would have been much much longer.

The hike in 1919


  1. You did some research on that hike!

  2. At times, finding place names requires using old maps. The old topographic maps often have additional information not found on newer maps and also lack newer features like roads. A comparison between the 2 helps place the hike in a historical context.