First sign of the Monsoon

Noticed a gust front from the west early this evening and went outside to take a look and saw rain showers over the Chiricahua Mountains.  Although the weather maps show the dew point still below 55 degrees there must be enough moisture at altitude to allow rain.  The Tucson weather radar shows scattered rain across south eastern Arizona.  Below is a quick snapshot of Portal Peak showing rain.  Whether it is just virga or it is reaching the ground is unknown.  Ideally, this will finish off the Horseshoe Two Fire and new grasses will start to sprout. 

Evidence of the 2011 monsoon in the Chiricahua Mountains


  1. The monsoon season is one of my favorite times, we get great sunsets this time of year.

  2. Yes, the rains are sorely needed. Especially to clean the mountains and restore the grasses. Looking forward to seeing the greening of the Chiricahua Mountains.