The New Logo for Rodeo, New Mexico's most Western Town

Rodeo has a new logo. Created by a longtime resident of southwestern New Mexico, Pat Bennett, the new logo incorporates an image found in the Rodeo Tavern with a new tagline. Rodeo, New Mexico's most western town. The tagline arises from the location of Rodeo in the San Simon Valley. Lying less than a mile from the state line it is the closest New Mexico town to Arizona. Other communities further north are listed as census districts and not towns making the community of Rodeo, New Mexico's most western town. Being so close to the Arizona border Rodeo leads a dual life. When daylight saving time comes around one must always ask whether the scheduled event is New Mexico or Arizona time. An important distinction when trying to attend events in Arizona or New Mexico.  The new logo may be found on the Rodeo New Mexico website.

New Logo for Rodeo New Mexico


  1. Great post and a wonderful new web site.

  2. Yes, I think Pat did a really good job with the idea for a logo.

  3. Bless Pat Bennett for the logo and the website!
    I got thanked for the website. Its nice to be confused with such an ambitious lady!

  4. Pat Bennett has been a long time supporter of Rodeo and the San Simon Valley. She has family in the Apache Cemetery and has maintained the Rodeo New Mexico website for years. I agree she is indeed ambitious.