Sunrise in the Bootheel of New Mexico

Winding down from another week of a family reunion at the Painted Pony Resort, but managed to get this photograph of the sunrise through Antelope pass in the Peloncillo Mountains this morning.  Even managed to catch a flock of birds headed south in the frame.  Some early morning monsoon clouds obscuring the sun makes a nice contrast and creates nice shadowing as the sun creeps higher. 

The guests spent most of their time by the pool but some hiking and exploring in the Chiricahua Mountains did happen as well as some target practice and evening fireworks.

Sunrise through Antelope Gap in the Peloncillo Mountains


  1. Sounds like your guests had a great time in the southwest.

  2. Yes they did. The area was new to many of them and they had fun exploring. Lots of pictures of the sunrises and sunsets as well as the wildlife.