Cave Creek Canyon: Then and Now

The next in the series of then and now photographs from Cave Creek Canyon.  The original image is from a post card from the 1940's at Attic Postcards.  The location of this rock formation known as the Rabbit Ears or Mule Ears is on FS42 shortly past the turnoff to South Fork Canyon on the west side of the bridge crossing Cave Creek Canyon (at the fork on this map).  Both photographs were taken in morning and the most striking feature in a comparison is the change in the vegetation.  The early photograph shows dense underbrush and crowded foliage while the photograph taken in 2011 shows a lack of dense underbrush.  It should be noted that the 2011 photograph is a post Horseshoe 2 fire and the area along FS 42 was back burned by fire crews.  Aesthetically, the removal of the low underbrush opens up the forest floor and adds to the scene.

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