Perceptions: Two More Photographs from Flys Peak

Finished a preliminary experiment in panorama photography while hiking to Flys Peak this week. The results were unexpected and the resulting photographs was both pleasing and provocative. The original goal was to create a little planet  using a single tree from the Chiricahua Mountains.  Most efforts creating little planets with a single tree are derived from a landscape image, but the goal here was to create a single tree planet with the tree trunk as the planetary body with limbs extending into space.  After taking a series of photographs around the base of the tree (facing the tree) looking up, the panorama software was applied.  The software stitches the individual images together based on either a planer or rotating camera.  But in taking the photographs the camera rotation was inverted from what the software was expecting, i.e. facing the tree versus facing out from the trunk.  The fortuitous result from the panorama software is presented below which shows a series of limbs extending into space at different levels against the sky with no trunk.  While the results did not support the original hypothesis, that it was possible to create a single tree little planet, this composite image is essentially a derivative of the original tree and raises the question "what is a tree".  A larger version of the top image is available on Flickr. Perhaps suitable tree will be found on the next hike and another little planet panorama attempted.

What is a Tree?

Abstract Landscape in the Chiricahua Mountains.


  1. You are getting pretty creative on your pictures!

  2. Thank you, the results were not what I was expecting but pretty interesting.