Astronomers in Residence

The All-Star Telescope group has been in residence for a week imaging the sky (day and night) from the San Simon Valley. As with all guests a guided hike in the Chiricahua Mountains is offered and the hike chosen for this first group was one of the riparian hikes along Cave Creek which offers spectacular afternoon views of Cathedral Rock and the canyon walls.  The group traveled from the start of the Nature trail just past the Portal Ranger Station and emerging at Sunny Flat campground.  Then back down canyon along the road with a stop at Vista Point.  The afternoon sun illuminated the east wall of the canyon with spectacular views of Cathedral Rock.  The group found a metate along the route and spent some time creating some balancing stone artwork in the stream bed.  Just before heading back to the Painted Pony Resort for dinner the view below presented itself.  A group of upturned faces viewing the southern sky.  It appears the astronomers found themselves captured in stone in Cave Creek Canyon.

Viewing the southern sky

Cathedral Rock from the Nature Trail in Cave Creek Canyon


  1. So nice your guests could visit the Chiricahua Mountains during the day. The boot heel is a great place to do astronomy the night skies are beautiful here.
    Your pictures are very nice!

  2. Thank you. It is nice when guests are able to see some of the magnificent scenery the area has to offer.