Wedding at the Painted Pony Resort

The Painted Pony Resort just finished hosting its third wedding.  Two weddings last year and one this year.  With 70 guests, 20 staying on the property and the rest staying at guest residences around the valley, it was the biggest wedding yet at the facility.  The ceremony was held in the courtyard with seating for 80 while the reception and dinner was held in the hanger.  Debbie and Rob of the Rodeo Tavern catered the wedding dinner and tables and chairs came from Romantic Realities in Douglas.  Angelina's Photography, also in Douglas, provided the photographer.  The DJ, Mario Garcia, was from Silver City and provided music for an evening of dancing under the bright New Mexican sky.

All in all the event came off very well and the new couple along with their guests had a wonderful time.

painted pony resort wedding destination
Ceremony in the courtyard

painted pony resort weddig

painted pony resort reception
Reception, dinner, and dancing in the hanger

wedding recption painted pony resort
Dancing under the stars


  1. The guests that stayed at my place were impressed with the night sky. Now I know why they all danced under the stars!

    I am so glad that all went well for all involved, looks like a wonderful time.

  2. Wedding guests stayed all over the valley for this event and I heard good things about their accommodations. It takes a village not only to raise a child but to have a wedding. I'm back in cleaning mode now getting the place cleaned up.

  3. The PPR with your wedding you had gave me business and several other places business. This also gave many people the chance to see another part of N.M. Thank you!

  4. What a lovely place for such a special event. The happy couple will have wonderful tales to tell over the years of dancing under the stars, warm weather in October, great food, the mountains....

  5. Thank you. Since PPR sits in the middle of the valley with views of the Peloncillos for afternoon weddings and the Chiricahua Mountains for morning weddings it is a good location. Combined with privacy for family oriented gatherings and with other guest residences and lodges located through out the San Simon valley the area is an ideal place for a wedding.

  6. interested where they came from? Douglas? out of state? My first wedding was in Tonawanda NY church followed by short honeymoon in Niagara Falls, NY, sooooooooooo UNoriginal!

  7. The bride and groom were from Albuquerque, so this was a local instate group.