Gypsy Carpenters at the Portal Cafe

Last night the Gypsy Carpenters performed for the Friday night dinner crowd at the Portal Peak Lodge.  Starting around 6:00 Pm they played until the cafe closed.  All the familiar songs were performed and the clientele joined right in making it one big sing-a-along.   One dinner guest even brought their own musical instruments (harmonica and spoons) to help out.  Along with a tasty dinner it was a wonderful evening with the residents of the Portal Rodeo (the high deserts twin cities).

The Gypsy Carpenters at the Portal Cafe


  1. Glad you had a great evening in Portal!

  2. Thank you. I was really tired before going, and debating whether to attend, but the food and music perked me right up. It made for a nice evening.

  3. Elaine had a large bag of various percussion gadgets. She alternated with those and Buzz mostly used her tambourine, spoons and his harmonica. That was GREAT accompaniment!

    Susan and Burt learned a new catchy tune from when Susan traveled to Cuba last year. Bobby and I sang along to "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" and many sang along to "Secret Agent Man" and the finale I love "Love Potion #9".

    Wishing the GC would perform again before they leave for Baja.

  4. We'll be back on the 10th. Same bat channel, same bat time. Sorry, Pat, that it's not good for you. Bruce, was that the least funny faced picture you got? I know it's nearly impossible to capture two live performers looking semi-normal at the same time. Or at least it is with us. We really have very few nice pics. If you have one we'd love to see it.

  5. Yes, that was the best photograph I got. In all the others one person was out of focus. I just grabbed what I could and did not try to compose anything.