Hiking with Friends

There were 2 different hikes with members of the Portal Rodeo Hiking club this week.  One group headed down to Pine Gulch in the Rucker Canyon area while a second group hiked Silver Peak.  Five hikers along with 2 visitors from Canada chose the Silver Peak trail and met at the trail head at 8:30 AM on a warm overcast morning in the canyon.  As the group approached the first gate along the trail Susan found a number of horses and mules grazing along the trail side.  Several were branded with "US" suggesting they were Forest Service animals or other government workers.  These friendly animals came up for petting and any spare food.

The group moved on after photographing the animals stopping next at the turn off after the second gate to debate the merits of heading off trail to see Bill Willy's cave but several had the summit in mind so the group continued up the trail.  At the halfway point overlook under the pine 4 hikers decided to head back while 3 continued on to the summit.  The summit group made the top of Silver Peak while the rest wandered down the hill.  Chiricahua Sky Island Rodeo and myself encountered the horses and mules again but this time they followed us down the trail again looking for food and affection.  A nice ending for another hike in the Chiricahua Mountains.  The Silver Peak trail map may be found at this link or in the sidebar.

Susan many places at once petting every horse and mule.

Coming down the trail accompanied by 4 footed friends.

Contemplation at the halfway overlook.


  1. What a beautiful day for a hike! I sure was tired after this hike could tell I have not gone for a few months. Hope to do another great hike next week.

  2. I was in the same condition, really tired after the hike. But it was such a lovely day it was worth the effort.

  3. Wow! Magic getting Susan with both horses at once! The other photos are great too! Silver Peak is always a great destination. Many folks do it annually to see if they still are able. Hope I can do that hike when I'm an octogenarian too!

  4. Thank you, it is a beautiful hike and the telescope at the overlook on the lower part of the trail is a nice place to get an overview of the canyon.