Owl Canyon

Back to Owl Canyon was the mantra this week for the Portal Rodeo Hiking club.  Lower elevation hikes in the Pelocillo Mountains are especially attractive in the winter with hiking at warmer elevations and it was another sunny day in the valley as 13 hikers and a single dog began the trip up Owl Canyon.  About 1.5 miles in the group stopped at the dam for a break and group photograph.  Lunch was below a large spire in the canyon with the group scattered up the hillside eating and enjoying the views.  The trip covered 6.6 miles and the map for the hike may be found in the sidebar or through this link.

North ridge line in Owl Canyon
Photograph of Portal Rodeo Hiking Club at the dam in Owl Canyon by Pat Owens

lunch in owl canyon, The Portal Rodeo Hiking club stops for lunch in Owl Canyon
Lunch in Owl Canyon


  1. I love that hike! One gal said it reminded her of Big Bend National Park in TX. We're still taking suggestions for the name of that rock spire!

  2. Owl Canyon is a really nice hike. I looked at the maps after returning and if we pop over the ridge to the south (where we had lunch below the spire) we could return down the next canyon and walk back to the cars. Might make a nice loop.

    I would suggest "the boot" as a name for the spire, looks like one to me.

  3. I like this hike sounds like making a loop next time would be nice.