The Painted Pony Resort is Expanding

Built originally on an 80 acre parcel outside Rodeo New Mexico in 2005 the Painted Pony Resort has expanded to 316 acres.  It now includes an additional 236 acres across Painted Pony Road that is contiguous to the Painted Pony Resort and extends another 1320' south of the current property on the east side of the road.  The expanded property extends east to the far bank of the San Simon Riverbed and includes large areas of native grasses in the riverbed.  The increased acreage will insure privacy for guests when in residence, provide direct access to BLM land and the Peloncillo mountains for hiking and exploring, and increase the area of high desert where guests may play.

New boundaries for the Painted Pony
Painted Pony Resort Entrance, The new entrance to the resort.
New entrance to the Painted Pony Resort

A Gradient of Poppies in the San Simon Valley
A gradient of Poppies this spring from the expanded Painted Pony Resort


  1. Nice entryway. Is that far from Rte 80?

    "black hole resort" strikes me as a strange link on the Internet. Is that a code name?

  2. The new entrance is at the end of Painted Pony Road road about 3 miles in from Highway 80.

    Black hole resorts are destinations without electronic connectivity, cell phones or internet. I have to turn equipment on to get wireless internet and cell phone service, so for a black hole experience I leave the equipment off.

  3. Thanks for explaining the "Black Hole Resort" concept. I am back in the 1950s I think, almost totally out of the technology loop. Maybe the ONLY person without an ATM card!

  4. A fairly new concept but those of us living and working in the San Simon Valley are in a natural "black hole" since cell service does not reach the valley and there are no wireless internet hotspots except for the library in Portal (11 miles from PPR by car). Without electronic connectivity (meaning I do not turn on the wireless routers in the buildings and cell phone repeater)guests must rely on their imaginations for entertainment which translates to playing outside. This is especially attractive for family reunions where activities are family focused.

  5. The expansion of PPR is very nice! I sure like your new entrance that has been built at PPR.

    The black hole is a good name for not having service. I have the Verizon extender and DSL at my place and forget about the rest of the valley being in the black hole!

  6. Thanks DiAnn. Mountain Valley Lodge is one of the few places with cell service in the valley. Since PPR is almost 3 miles off Highway 80 I can turn on or off the cell repeater and either provide cell service on the property or not.