A Different Monsoon Pattern

This years monsoon pattern seems different.  Monsoon season moisture comes from the south and west with the storms coming from the same direction, but this year the storms are coming from the north and east.  While this pattern is producing good rainfall it is something different.  A 30 year resident commented on the change in the storm pattern but was also pleased with the results. 

Another lightning display was visible over the Chiricahua mountains the other night and below are some images from the storm.  These partially desaturated images of the storm provide a snapshot of the beautiful night time displays residents of the San Simon Valley and visitors to the Painted Pony Resort can expect during monsoon season.


  1. Your pictures are really nice!

  2. Thank you. I think the partial desaturation adds to the effect. For those who have not had the opportunity to witness a monsoon lightning display they are missing out on a great evening display. The recent guests from France at PPR were out watching the lightning displays every evening.