The Galion Grader

Encompassing almost half section of land (320 acres), the Painted Pony Resort has the same maintenance issues found on any other ranch or property located in the high New Mexican desert of the southwest and one of those issues is road work.  Located off of Highway 80, one of only 3 paved roads in the San Simon valley, over 3.5 miles of gravel road require maintenance which includes Night Hawk and Painted Pony roads as well as roads on the property.  To help with this work the Painted Pony Resort has a Galion road grader.  This 35,000 lb piece of heavy diesel equipment eases road maintenance issues allowing a smooth ride from the highway to the estate.  The roads leading to the property are not county maintained but do receive a yearly grading from the local home owners association.  But to ensure comfortable access requires additional road work, especially during the winter rains and monsoon season.  All of which is made easier with the road grader and tractor on the property.

road maintenance in new mexico
Galion road grader at the Painted Pony Resort


  1. Looks you you are working on the road today after some of the monsoon rain that was received. Driving one of these big rigs must be pretty exciting!

  2. Road maintenance is ongoing process. Although I maintain and have learned to operate the grader I'm not very skilled and with large equipment it is easy to make mistakes. The owner generally operates the grader when he is in residence while I generally rely on the tractor for road maintenance.

  3. Very nice to have a grader. I was most impressed by that beautiful blue sky!

  4. Thank you. It is hard to take a bad photograph down here. While a useful tool, it takes skill to operate and I'm not very good with the machine. In my experience it is very easy to mess up a road surface if one is not attentive and has no plan.