A Cowboy Cookout

Some guests wish a western experience when visiting the Painted Pony Resort, while others are seeking to experience the outdoors and interact with nature in the high desert and mountains of southwest New Mexico and southeast Arizona.  Whatever the reason a cowboy cookout is a nice addition to a visit.  La Beuna Vida Farm offers such an experience and the current guests decided to take advantage of the opportunity and add a western touch to their astronomy visit.

That meant creating an area suitable for a cowboy campfire for cooking and dining on the property.  A large open flat area just east of the main complex was chosen and between the tractor and a shovel a 6' diameter pit was created.  Stone to surround the fire pit came from the foundation of the old homestead by the riverbed that dates back to at least 1917.  Seating was created out of 2 x 12" planks secured to sections of oak logs.  During discussions of the fire pit arrangement with the owner of La Beuna Vida farm, it was brought to my attention that the fire pit was much larger than necessary for cooking, so the fire pit is divided into 2 areas.  One end is raised creating a specific area for a cooking fire (making it easier on the cook) while the rest of the fire pit will remain for non-cooking fires.

A double deck fire pit for cooking and entertaining.


  1. You did a great job putting the fire pit and cooking area together for guests. I am sure other guests will also enjoy this.

  2. Thank you. The fire pit will will help create the right ambiance for their cookout and give other guests a quiet place to view the sunsets.