Monsoon Moon

The full moon has many names ranging from a Blue moon to a Wolf moon, but there is no Monsoon moon.  In celebration of the spectacular monsoon season the area has experienced this year it seems reasonable to add a Monsoon Moon to the list of full moons.  The Painted Pony Resort received another half an inch of rain last night but upon going out side this morning the view was a cloudless sky with the full moon setting over the Chiricahua mountains.  Bathed in light from the rising sun, the exposed rock of the Chiricahuas turned red and yellow and which contrasted against the green grasses of the eastern slopes.

chiricahua moon
The full monsoon moon setting over the Chiricahua mountains


  1. Full monsoon moon sounds as nice as the picture looks you took. You sure went outside with your camera right on time.

  2. Thank you. Out before sunrise and saw the view so I grabbed the camera and started taking photographs. The views here make it hard to take a bad photograph.

  3. W's stepbrother sat on our front stoop and watched every sunset. It really is beautiful here. W says "I have a rich man's view."

  4. Another truism that describes the view we all enjoy here.