The First Winter Precipitation

With a good summer monsoon season, the Painted Pony Resort received 7.5" of rain, the winter precipitation started early.  The San Simon Valley and the surrounding mountain ranges received rain and snow this weekend before Thanksgiving.  PPR gained 0.9" of precipitation from the storm and the mountains received much more.  Sunday morning provided a nice view of the Peloncillo Mountains to the east covered in clouds and snow.  Below is a desaturated image of the Peloncillo mountains taken this morning from the Painted Pony Resort.  Gray mountain is just left of center and reaches a height of over 6000', about 2000' above the valley floor.

peloncillo mountains
Sunday morning view from the Painted Pony Resort.


  1. Sure enjoyed waking up this A.M. with snow on the ground! The first time since I have been here for snow before Thanksgiving, with leaves on the trees yet!

  2. I've only been here 6 years so I don't have much experience with weather variation here, but it was nice to see snow. Hopefully it is a positive predictor for good winter rains.