Winter Sunrise in the San Simon Valley

With sunrise views of Portal Peak and the Chiricahua mountains and sunset views of the Peloncillo mountains the San Simon Valley has spectacular views everyday.  Below are 2 images of the morning view of the Chiricahua mountains taken just a short time apart.  The first, a large panorama shows the view as sun was cresting the Peloncillo mountains illuminating the Chiricahuas, while the second image shows Portal Peak just a short time later with the valley in complete sunlight.  The changes in lighting and cloud cover create completely different impressions of  this sky island in southeastern Arizona as seen from the Painted Pony Resort in southwestern New Mexico.

December morning mountains
The Chiricahua mountains at sunrise

Sunny December morining
Portal Peak a few minutes later


  1. I quite agree. As soon as I stepped outside and saw the mountains I knew there was a photograph, so turned around and went back inside and got the camera.