A Fence Walk Through

The Rustic Cabin at the Painted Pony Resort provides additional space for family reunions and other groups visiting the estate.  Although connected by roads, additional access to the main estate is now provided by a walk through in the fence line.  Simply walk down the main runway from the main estate and head east on the crosswind runway.  At the end is a pedestrian walk through for those wishing not to drive between the Rustic Cabin and the main estate.  The rock and wire walk through consists of 2 - 180 degree turns allowing pedestrians to easily pass through the estate fence line and onto Painted Pony Rd and a quick way to access the Rustic Cabin but keeping inquisitive cattle out.  The rock walls mark the location of the walk through and are easily visible from the road.

Wildlife friendly fences are important in keeping cattle out but allowing the wildlife, and people, access.

pedestrian walk through


  1. This looks great, you did a good job!

  2. Thank you. The cattle have not tested it yet so I'm still holding my breath.