Merry Christams from Rodeo New Mexico

A wish for all, have a merry Christmas and healthful and prosperous new year.  And for a little holiday cheer, 2 holiday colored metates from New Mexico.  Preparing a holiday meal is certainly easier than in the past when corn and other plant material was ground by hand.  Although useful tools to past inhabitants, these were not recommended for preparing the holiday mashed potatoes, but do grind coffee beans well.

Holiday colored red and green metates


  1. Hi B Alvarius! I hope your Christmas was a blessed one! We've missed you on the weekly hikes. This coming week, in the New Year, we'll hike Granite Gap area. Hope to see you there!

  2. Thank you and I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday. Guests are in residence at the moment and I have a rapid turn around for another set the first week of Jan. so I will have to miss the hike.