Portal Rodeo is a Big Place

Many visitors to the twin cities of Portal Rodeo are surprised at the scale of the area, things that look close are really much larger and miles away.  The landscape is large and snapshots rarely do it justice.  Zooming in to get a particular aspect of the view always excludes the surrounding landscape and the final image seems lacking.  To compensate multiple images are usually collected and stitched together not only to highlight a particular aspect of the landscape but capture some of the surroundings as well to provide context.  Below is a sunrise image of a short lived rainbow that appeared just at sunrise over the flanks of the Chiricahua Mountains.  To completely capture the rainbow as well as its' context, 2 snapshots were taken and stitched together to create the final image making for a much more interesting scene.

arizona chiricahua mountains
A sunrise rainbow in the Chiricahua Mountains


  1. Thank you. I went outside just at the right time to catch the short lived rainbow. I did see 2 other rainbows during the morning in different places around the valley but no photographs.