Rustic cabin at the Painted Pony Resort

Work continues on the exterior of the newly remodeled 3 bedroom Rustic cabin at the Painted Pony Resort.  Work has centered on the exterior of the cabin and low rock wall dividers were built to create a "front yard" to define the front of the cabin.  Crusher fines were then laid down to provide a smooth walking surface within this area.  All the rock was hauled from around the property and comes from earlier inhabitants previous work.  The majority of rock was from a single room in the hamlet across the riverbed and additional rock was hauled from an early homestead on the property.  There is no shortage of rock in the alluvial San Simon valley and native rock was used frequently for buildings and walls in the area.  A drive into Portal or Rodeo and rock walls and buildings are easily found indicating that native rock has a long history of use as a local building material.  Cattle excluding walk through gates are planned in the fence lines allowing those staying in the cabin easy walking access to the main estate for family reunions, weddings, or other events when the cabin is in use.

Rustic cabin exterior


  1. Recycled rock great idea and sure looks nice!

  2. IThank you. I will be adding more rock as I collect it from across the riverbed, widening and raising the walls.

  3. We can attest to the free rocks around here from huge boulders to smaller rocks. Willis has them lining the driveway up to 3 or 4 high. Our neighbor's cows knocked down the 5 high ones so W did not rebuild them that high. One other neighbor calls them "stone people".
    Once we heard Border Patrol on the radio seeing "people" along our driveway. Seems appropriate name!

  4. Invasion of the Rock People, I see a movie in this. A classic B science fiction horror thriller, with a cast of unknowns. With perhaps a tag line of "they melt into the landscape, so beware" or something equally corny. Hauled 3 big rocks for a fence line walk through and made sand and gravel for the front yard and the road today. Lots of vitamin Ib for the back tonight.