One More Image from the McCord Tail

Although not the best weather conditions for landscape photography, with some work one image did turn out.  A desaturated view from the overlook on the McCord trail, looking west across Cave Creek Canyon is shown below.  By desaturating the colors the differences in texture create a layered 3D effect with the rock outcrops appearing layered upon one another (click on the photograph to get a larger image).  This creates a diagonal composition with layers of rock outcrops running from the upper left (background layer) down to the lower right (foreground layer).  The layering effect is mirrored by the shadows which also run from the upper right to the lower left.  Notice also how the edges of the rock outcrops are sharp and crisp which lends to the layering effect and enhances the 3D appearance of the image.  All in all, a pleasing image of the landscape.

rock outcrops
A view from the McCord trail above Cave Creek Canyon in the Chiricahua mountains.

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