The Desert Garden in Bloom

With more more work on the irrigation system at the Painted Pony Resort the front garden is looking good.  Everything is in bloom and the predominant color is now purple replacing the white of the Yucca blooms which peaked several weeks ago.  The butterfly bushes are large and lush and the Crape Myrtles are busy adding to color.  The Lantana and Gold Mound are adding additional colors making the front garden an inviting place to stroll.  The butterflies and hummingbirds are enjoying the bounty of nectar and are constantly found feeding.  A single moth species, the hummingbird moth, is also visiting the explosion of garden colors currently available in the front garden.

A large butterfly bush in front of the main house at PPR

Gold Mound and Butterfly bush


Painted Pony Resort front garden
Panorama of the front garden in bloom with the Chiricahua mountains behind.



  1. Gorgeous butterfly bushes!

  2. Thank you, the butterflies do love the the blossoms.