Cave Creek Canyon: Revealing the Heart of Arizona's Chiricahua Mountains

The first major publication from the Friends of Cave Creek Canyon is back from the publishers and available for purchase.  With 45 chapters, each written by a local expert, the book covers topics including background on the sky islands, geology, all the different types of wildlife, and much much more.  A true labor of love this will be the goto book about the Chiricahua Mountains for the next several decades.  It is available at the Chiricahua Desert Museum or may be ordered from the museum.  It should also be available from Amazon at some point.  There will be a book signing party at the desert museum on Jan 31st from 3-6 PM, where all the authors will be available to sign their chapters for those wishing individualized copies.

friends of cave creek canyon
The new book from the Friends of Cave Creek Canyon


  1. A great idea for a kick-off for the book!

    I won't be there though, as I volunteered long ago to help with the HHHH Horse Rescue fundraiser that same day, Jan. 31 from 11-3 in the Rodeo Community Center building. A chile lunch for $5, raffle tickets for various donated items, rummage sale and more. They cut an hour from this probably because of the book signing event.

    Both GREAT causes. I am a member of FOCCC, but 2 things in one day is difficult.

  2. I hope the fundraiser goes well. If they would like to do a guest post here about the event let me know.

  3. Ruth Plenty of the HHHH horse rescue plans to email you. Thanks a million!

  4. Your certainly welcome. I hope it will be useful exposure for the horse rescue operation.

  5. Did you attend the book signing? I heard it was well organized.
    Ruth's horse rescue fundraiser raised over $2200 I think it was. I stopped in just to get lunch for us.

  6. No I did not. I spent Friday evening pulling guests vehicles and trailers out of the mud with the tractor over in the air park. I was tired and sore Saturday and could barely move Sunday morning. But 35 people had a great weekend event at PPR. Glad to here the other events went off well.