Merchandising the Painted Pony Resort

Recently, the owner revived an idea we had discussed and worked on in the past, specifically merchandise from the Painted Pony Resort.  We discussed a number of logo options and the owner decided on a prehistoric sun sign similar to that found on the New Mexico state flag.  The sun sign is meant as a reminder of the deep blue cloudless sunny skies New Mexico is blessed with, and that the estate experiences more than 300 days/yr of cloudless skies.  Of course the estate name is prominently displayed as well at the registered trademark "An Escape To Tranquil Beauty".  After much searching, a vendor who could provide all the items we wished and in quantities that fit the initial budget, we settled on Discount mugs.  The logo was chosen and an image cleaned and formatted for printing.  After uploading the final design the products were ordered including hats, tee shirts, travel mugs, and can koozies, all useful items a guest would use on a visit to the estate.  All the items arrived in a timely fashion after approving and online proof of each item and the quality of each was good.  I immediately snagged a travel mug since I consume coffee constantly and was in need of a new mug for use on the tractor and Kubota.  These 14 oz mugs do not leak and hold enough coffee for several hours of work on the estate.  After building a small glass case to display the items which was placed in the computer room, samples of each item were arranged for viewing.  Now guests may purchase a memento of their visit to the estate, or pick up an item they would find useful during their visit.

Travel mugs, hats, tee shirts, and can koozies from the Painted Pony Resort

Merchandise display case in the main house computer room.


  1. Clever marketing idea. You built the display case? Looks very nice! You are a humble man of many talents!
    Love the horse picture on the wall! Not that I am a horse person but thinking of HHHH, Ruth Plenty's horse rescue.

  2. Thank you. I just assembled the display case. After some searching online I found one that fit the space and the owner ordered it. It was just the right size for the table. I had thought a horse motif for the logo, but the owner decided on the sun sign which is even better.

  3. aha, assembled.
    just as good in my book!

    horse motif versus NM sign...............good choice as everyone is in NM, but not all love horses.

  4. Quite right, the sun sign makes for a broader appeal.

    The display case of course came with no instructions and I assembled it incorrectly several times before getting it right, but finally managed to get it right.