It is easy to get lost in southern New Mexico, whether distracted by the views of the landscape or just trying to find your way.  Online and GPS maps of the area were out of date with roads that did not exist, directions that would not work, and guests coming to the Painted Pony Resort would often have some difficulty finding the place.  So additional maps to the estate were created and online mapping services were provided with updates to allow guests to find their way. 

A view this morning though provides evidence that getting lost in New Mexico is not limited to those driving.  Upon exiting the trailer this morning I noticed the contrails from 2 jets above the Peloncillo mountains.  One was a zigzag line while the other shorter one was straight.  My conclusion - another visitor to the area got lost.  I don't know if it is true but but it is consistent with guests sometimes having trouble finding the estate.  Unfortunately the jet could not pull over and ask directions, the runways on the estate are to short.

Lost, not lost
Presumably not lost, a launch from White Sands Missile Range did occur yesterday according to their facebook page and is the most likely explanation for the zigzag contrail.


  1. fun photo! fun assumption!

  2. Yes, a good story to tell myself with yesterday mornings coffee.