Cultural Resource Inventory VIII, the First Land Patents.

 One of the missing pieces in the cultural resource inventory is information on the original European settlers on lands comprising the Painted Pony Resort.  Specifically, who filed the first land patents on acreage around the resort.  A search of the General Land Office records (GLO) turned up several names of individuals who patented land parcels that now comprise the estate.  Three names, Asa O. Garland, John B. Garland, and John W. M. Cornforth all applied for land patents in the early 1900's on lands now comprising the estate.  The foundations of 2 of these homesteads have been recovered, one belonging to Asa O Garland and one belonging to John W. M. Cornforth (both of these homesteads appear on the first topographic map of the area published in 1917).  The homestead on the parcel originally patented by the Cornforth's was notable for an electric range burner found among the scattering of artifacts and foundations.  This is consistent with notion that this particular homestead was in existence until the late 1950's when rural electrification reached the valley.  The Cornforth's are buried in the Rodeo cemetery and his marker may be viewed here.  Although no information on ownership of the specific parcel with the main houses has yet been uncovered, further research may locate the original patent applicant as well as patents for the eastern portion of the estate.

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  1. Great resources you've found. Have you spoken to Junior Gomez the Rodeo historian? I bet he has some stories and names for you. He's well over 70 and was born at the railroad housing so he's definitely an expert on Rodeo.

  2. I have talked with Junior before about the railroad and life around Rodeo. I have a copy of his book also that is kept in the main house for guests. He is a font of knowledge about the past.