It is Offical - the Monsoon is Here

It is official the summer monsoon has arrived and a little early to boot.  The Painted Pony Resort received its' first big rain, 1.27", and as a result the grasslands are greening up nicely.  Of course we had some rain on the evening of the 4th which is traditional.  The image shown below was taken day before the first big rain of the season in June.  With the traditional big monsoon cloud buildup over the Chiricahua Mountains a different kind of presentation was decided upon.  After the usual tweaking of input light levels and contrast the colors were inverted.  This resulted in Portal Peak and the Chiricahua Mountains becoming white, and in silhouette, while the clouds are purple tinged with black and all set in an orange sky.  For those familiar with the area the silhouette of the Chiricahuas should be immediately recognizable and as one local Biologist put it, Happy Biological New Year.

Inverted Color Clouds Over the Chiricahua Mountains
An inverted color image of monsoon clouds over the Chiricahua Mountains.
A crepe myrtle in bloom with monsoon showers in the background.


  1. Beautiful crepe myrtle. I do not have that plant here. Our Ocotillo are green again. We had 1.1"rain on July 3 as well as a 6 hour power outage.

    Columbus Electric had 12 power poles or so to fix down the Geronimo Trail area per a friend who spoke to a worker for them. We were in the queue AFTER that repair.

    1. Last year the deer got to the crepe myrtle and stripped all the leaves. I was glad to see it come back this year.

      Wow 12 poles down, there must have been some serious winds.

  2. Oh and I saw your flipped colors in photo of monsoon rain clouds in FOCCC; Mike borrowed your pic. very nice

  3. Thank you Pat, I thought the image came out very well and Mike saw it on Facebook and wanted to re-publish it. I also put it on the blog to help reach a different audience. I put my photographs under a creative commons license for non-commercial use so others may use the imagery if they find an image interesting. I believe that by providing tools, in this case interesting photographs, others will use them. A creative commons license only requires a photo-credit or link to the source. It is a way to help spread the imagery to others and showcase the beauty of the area.

  4. then I was doubly blessed to see that image in 2 places!

  5. I'm glad you like the image. It was fun making it.