Same Time, Same Subject, but from Arizona and from New Mexico

The wide open western skies of the San Simon Valley just beg to be photographed and the monsoon season always brings interesting views.  Recently 2 photographers, myself and another photographer captured the same cumulus monsoon buildup independently.  We were both outside at the same time and saw the same thing although miles apart and not in communication with one another.  We independently took the same image at approximately the same time, but from completely different locations, one of us on the west side of the valley, the other on the east side.  Then we both processed our images into black and white to enhance the impact of the image before posting them.  It amazes me that we both saw the same thing, were both impressed by the view, then captured it.  And since the other photographer was in Arizona when taking her photograph, while I was in New Mexico, it makes it the more interesting to me.

My image of the cloud is somewhat larger and it could be argued that I was closer to the cloud in question resulting in a larger image, but the more likely explanation is that I used the zoom.

Cumulus build up from the New Mexico side of the San Simon Valley.

The same cumulus buildup from the Arizona side of the valley.  Photo by Statia Dougherty
Addendum:  The other photographer was shooting in Black and White mode on her camera and did not have to convert to grayscale in post production.  I do not have that option on my little point and shoot camera so an extra step is required to produce Black and White images.


  1. Love it! I actually was shooting in B&W.

  2. Cool, I did not know the camera had that setting. I run all my images through a post production process to clean them up so they convey what I saw.

  3. I use a Canon SX50 and have an SX40 as well. Tons of options for a point and shoot. ;)

  4. Great photos both of you and GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE! Statia is one busy gal. [already know BAlvarius is mega busy]

  5. I was really surprised to see her photograph and and suddenly realize we had photographed the same cloud from miles apart, so I thought a post about the views out here was worth writing. Everyone I know out here is busy, I think it is part of life in the desert.