Puddles of Pink and Other Stuff

Below is a nice sunrise through the Antelope Pass in the Peloncillo mountains of southern New Mexico.  Pink puddles of light illuminate the edges of cumulus clouds at dawn. Closing in on the end of a 30 hr work day, I saw this as the sun was beginning to rise.  It is followed by a view of the front garden where selective colors were desaturated to create a Black & White background with the blooming Crepe Myrtle in the foreground.  I find this image pleasing as a result of the difference in contrast afforded by the partial desaturation.

Little puddles of pink at sunrise.

Crepe Myrtle in color with Black and White mountains.
Here is one more selectively desaturated image, this time reversed with B&W predominating the image.

Selective desaturation of clouds over the Peloncillo mountains


  1. Beautiful!
    But a 30 hour work day! Ugh, sounds gruesome! I think I was asleep for half of that.

  2. Thank you, I think the experiment was a success. The resulting long day was the result of an error on my part, but it is fixed now and we've moved on.