The Annuals

Wildflowers bloom after the rains, meaning a period of blooming after the winter rains in the spring and again during the monsoons.  This second round of blooming annuals in the valley is again underway and below is a species found blooming this morning along the driveway at the Painted Pony Resort.  Several specimens were found growing in association with a particular desert brush of unknown taxa.  Not being well versed in the native flowering species it is only possible to appreciate the color and beauty of these summer flowers while they are on the landscape.  If some one recognizes the species I would appreciate learning its' name.

blooming annual in new mexico
Blue annuals at the Painted Pony Resort

blue wildflowers
Wildflowers in the desert
A helpful reader, a local botanical expert, identified the plant as a Day Flower.  Thanks to Barbara for the ID.


  1. I do not know what the blue flowers are but sure are pretty!

  2. It was a nice find when headed over to the cabin to work.

  3. I sent a photo from your blog to two folks that know a lot of native flowers. Hopefully one or both of them will know. One was a landscape person and the other memorized flowers' Latin names on 3X5 cards while driving to school to teach! [Yikes!]