2014 Monsoon Season in Southwestern New Mexico

The monsoon season is well underway and the mountains on both sides of the San Simon valley are receiving good rains.  But out in the middle of the valley it is a little slower.  The Painted Pony Resort has received about 6" so far this year and hoping for more.  Yesterdays rain was heavy in both the Peloncillos and Chiricahuas but we received only 0.07".  This morning though the views were nice and I took some time from cleaning to capture the image below.  Desaturated, the image is just one of the many faces of the Chiricahua mountains, always changing with the light and seasons.  Always something new to see.

The 8000' Portal Peak on the east side of the Chiricahua mountains


  1. What a great photo! I love it when the clouds are lower than the mountains!

  2. Thank you. I agree completely and have ended up with numerous mountains and cloud photographs. Something special about water vapor around Portal Peak.